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Gamification of training and development process

Competition and fun – that’s what gamification is all about. Thanks to our platform gaining knowledge and skills will never be a boring duty again, but a great way of playing and testing.

Gamification of everyday work

How do you make an everyday work a funny game with elements of competition? Just plug in to our „gamification engine”. It is linked to customer’s IT systems and monitors everyday employees’ duties. This way employees can compare their work with each other and compete for prizes. Why don’t they increase effectiveness of work and have fun at the same time? What does it mean for the employer? More control of the results and complete center of information about employees’ activities.

Are you new to the topic of gamification?

No problem – we will organize a workshop for you with pleasure. You will learn some case studies and see how gamification can help your company. It’s all about specific results.

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