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RosettaStone language courses

Rosetta Stone® is an innovative tool for learning languages. The intelligent system allows for learning the language quickly and efficiently. Contrary to other language learning programmes which allow only for learning vocabulary and remembering new phrases, Rosetta Stone® makes it possible to learn in simple and intuitive way – instead of remembering the rules you start to discover patterns.

How does it work?

Rosetta Stone® programme was created for people who want to learn correct communication in foreign language quickly. That is why with Rosetta Stone® users speak from the very first lesson and the language which they learn is the only one which they hear and use. The method includes a combination of listening, reading, speaking and writing aspects in order to support and practice new skills. Thanks to licensed tools of voice recognition you can practice and control your accent.

Course content:

Each level includes from 40 to 50 hours of engaging content.

Aims and benefits:
  • quick and effective language learning technique,
  • effective method for learning correct pronunciation,
  • immediate feedback,
  • possibility of talking live with a trainer (native speaker).
Available languages:
  • english (British)
  • english (American)
  • german
  • arabic
  • chinese (Mandarin)
  • korean
  • spanish (Latin America)
  • spanish (Spain)
  • philippine (Tagalog)
  • french
  • greek
  • hebrew
  • hindi
  • dutch
  • irish
  • italian
  • japanese
  • persian (Farsi)
  • polish
  • portuguese (Brazilian)
  • russian
  • swedish
  • turkish
  • vietnamese
Target group:
  • people working in international environments,
  • people who meet foreign customers or partners in their job,
  • employees of different levels who want to increase their qualifications.
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